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Artwork - Preferred formats

  • Our preferred artwork formats for screen printing, are either vector .eps files or Adobe .ai files

  • Text must be converted to outlines/curves and images placed into a file need to be either embedded or supplied as separate files. 

  • Art files should be supplied to scale if possible. If art files are not supplied to scale, design dimensions are required.

  • Image should ideally be a minimum of 300dpi

  • PMS colours should be quoted.

Artwork - Other formats

  • PDF files can be used, depending on originating artwork - Images should ideally be 300dpi, & created at printing size.

  • JPEG files are generally not of a good enough quality to create screenprint ready artwork, but can sometimes be used depending on quality - image should ideally be 300dpi and created at printing size - CALL US for additional information.

  • Coreldraw files are accepted,however, word documents or any other Office based programs are not sufficient to be used for finished artwork.

  • Artwork creation fees would apply for any of the above formats.


  • On light coloured garments, we can print a maximum of 38cm wide x 58cm long.

  • On dark coloured garments, we can print a maximum of 38cm wide x 48cm long


How many colours can I use in my design:

  • On light coloured garments, we can print a maximum of 12-14 colours.

  • On dark coloured garments, we can print a maximum of 10- 11 colours  

Can you match my print colours:

  • We use the standard Pantone Matching System [PMS] for colour matching. Spot colours required in your screenprint should be specified using these PMS reference.

  • Always bear in mind that colours will look different under various lighting conditions, and different again when viewd on a computer screen,as all screens are calibrated differently.

  • Designs that are done using CMYK process printing, cannot be matched back to specific PMS colours.

Do you keep screens for repeat print runs:

Due to the large number of prints that we produce on a weekly basis,and the sheer size and volume of screens, we are unalbe to keep screens once a print run is complete. The nature of screenprinting is such that we constantly re-claim screens and re-ise them for other jobs. If you do want to repeat a print run at a later date, we would re-expose the screens as needed [Charges may apply - Call or email us for more information]

Can I get a print sample:

If, prior to bulk production,  you require a physical sample of your print, whether it be for range salesman or approval samples, please let us know when you place your order, as sampling does attract additional charges. Please call or email us for more information.

To see different print techniques, you can either make an appointment to visit our showroom or check out the OUR WORK section of our website.

Do you offer specialty inks:

We offer a number of specialty inks such as:

Metallic inks, Shimmers, Glitter, Glow in the dark, Suede, Flock, Foil, Discharge, Vintage & Soft hand feel, High Density and puff.


Specialty inks are not avaialble directly on our CREATE page. If you do require a special effect in your print, please be sure to let us know when we quote the job, as we need to be sure that your fabrication & design are compatible with the special effect that you're looking at. There are also be additional charges and minimums for special effect inks. Check out our SERVICES & OUR WORK pages for examples.

Why does my print need a white underbase:

Does your logo consist of 2 colours, but is being printed on dark coloured garments? If so, this 2 colour print is probably going to turn out to be a 3 colour print. Why the extra colour? The extra colour is actually something that you do not see on the surface of your printed garments, but its is something that goes under your design, and is referred to as an under-base. Printing with an under-base is a necessary technique that we use with ceratin coloured garments to ensure a sharp crisp print & ensure that PMS colours are represented accurately.

Can I see my print before proceeding to bulk:

If required, before we proceed with printing your design, we can email you a photo of the first print off the machine for you to approve. Please note that this type of approval needs to be made promptly, as we bill machine waiting time after 30 minutes.

Alternatively, if you are in the local Melbourne area, you can make an on-site visit to approve your print, however, you would need to be available at short notice or by pre arranged appointment. Please note that approvals need to come through promptly, as we bill machine waiting time after 30 minutes.

This approval process is for you to check colours & positions etc. Please note however, that we cannot make artwork changes at this stage, without you incurring additional charges.


Do you supply garments

We supply a large range of garments from various suppliers. We can supply tee's, hoodies, polo's, headwear, tea towels, tote bags and more.

Visit our PRODUCTS page for more details.

Can I supply my own garments

Although we supply a large range of garments at very competitive prices, you may choose to supply your own garments for printing. If you do choose to supply your own garments, please note the following:

Please check your stock thoroughly before delivering it to us, we we don't individually QC garments delivered to us from other suppliers. If,during the printing process, we find garments with visible faults, these garments will be put aside where possible and returned to you unprinted. Your order will only be fulfilled using available garments.

Before delivering your stock to us, its a good idea to check with us as to whether your garments will be suitable for the application you have in mind. Not all garments are suitable for all printing applications.

Stock should be delivered clearly labelled, neatly boxed or bundled, and ready to easily unpack and print. Additional charges apply for garments that are delivered to us in individual poly bags.

Can I get a garment sample

All garment sizing dimensions are listed on our PRODUCTS page, but if you'd like a sample prior to placing an order, we can organise to send these out to you. Samples, be it one garment or a full size set, are charged at our wholesale prices + Freight. Call or email us if you'dlike to organise a sample, and we'll come back to you with a price.


Care instructions for printed garments

Various print methods may require specific care requirements, however, as a general rule, we recommend cold machine or hand wash, with the garment turned inside out. Tumble drying is not recommended as it may cause fabric shrinkage and potentially damage the print. Plastisol prints, foils, flocks & other specialty inks should not be ironed over.  Printed garments should be ironed on the reverse side.

Payment Methods

Our preferred payment method via EFT (online bank transfer). All of our banking details are listed at the bottom of our invoice.

Simply forward a copy of the bank remittance, and email it to us to confirm that your payment has been made. We also accept Paypal & Cash. At this stage, we do not accept credit card payments.

Collecting Finished Goods

Once your job is complete & your account is settled, you either collect your goods from our warehouse in Melbourne, or we can organise for your finished goods to be shipped to you. If you do want us to ship the goods for you, please advise this at the time of placing your order, so that we can provide you with a quote for freight. We use direct courier services for Melbourne Metro deliveries, and we can also organise freight to Regional area's & interstate. Regional deliveries can take up to 5 days, and interstate deliveries can take up to 7 days, so be sure to allow for this in your timeline. 

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