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How does it work?

Screen printing is the traditional method of printing t-shirts and has been around for many many years. Screen printing is a good, cost effective option for larger custom apparel orders for corporate promotions, teams and business.


Traditional Screen printing is a three part process.

  • 1.  Colour Separate artwork [this is the process of separating each colour in your design using specific design Software]

  • 2. Create Film Positives [Once the colours have been separated, film positives are printed, which are then used when exposing screens]

  • 3. Expose Screens. [Mesh Screens are coated with an emulsion. The positives that we printed for this design are then exposed [via a bright UV light], to create the screen.


Every colour in your design requires a separate screen, so keep this in mind when you're designing your artwork, because every colour also add to the cost.


If you're looking for vibrant colours, specialty inks, or require specific pantone colour matching, screen printiing is the answer. 


Screen printing also has fewer limitations terms of what fabrics and products can be printed on. 


Though we have the capacity to print very large volumes, we are also able to accommodate smaller print volumes




This is a simple way of printing images as grayscale or half-tones. Best results are achieved on white or light coloured garments, but can also be done on dark garments with the use of an under-base.


Plastisol Spot Colour printing is the most common form of screen printing. It can be as simple as a one colour print, or as complex as a 12 colour print. 


The most complex of the prinitng techniques, CMYK process printing uses combinations of four colour [CMYK] to recreate the full tonal and colour range of the original image.


We all have a favourite, well-worn old t-shirt in our wardrobe. Distressed screen printing will give a soft vintage/retro look to your garments.


Do you have that one design that you want to make pop with metallic ink? Our metallic silver and gold finishes produce a great bright shiny look when printed on your garments.


We offer an expansive range of sepcial effect inks that can add a premium look to your garments. From Flocks that feature a velvety surface to puffs & high density inks that add texture and depth to your design.

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